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Presentation given at the Museum of London

November 20th, 2015


Delivered  at the invitation of The Association for the History of Glass (see before the country's leading Roman glass experts at a conference held at Museum of London Archaeology (See:

Our paper focused on the discovery and subsequent chemical analysis of the High Iron Manganese and Titanium (HIMT) window glass found at Bedford, and how this confirms its original manufacture in Egypt, east of the Nile, as well as its date of fabrication after 350 AD


Presentation given to The Institute of Measurement & Control

25 November 2015 

Delivered at MTL Instruments (a division of EATON Crouse-Hinds) in Luton (see:, we discussed the latest discoveries and theories concerning our possible Roman Imperial Estate in Bedford.

A special emphasis was given in this lecture on measuring techniques used in archaeolgical investigation.

Founded in 1944 and incorporated by Royal Charter in 1975, The Institute of Measurement and Control is committed to promoting the professional excellence and standing of engineers and technologists at all levels in the automation, instrumentation, control and related industries. 

Their aims are to advance the science and practice of measurement and control technologies and their various applications, to foster the exchange of views and the communication of knowledge and ideas in these activities, and to promote the professional development and qualification of their members (see:

Talk to the Stewkley Local History

October 28th, 2015


We delivered an updated Powerpoint presentation and display of finds from our recent excavations to the Stewkley Local History Group as part of our ongoing commitment to community engagement.

Following our two hour presentation we received the following email today from the organisers:

"Thank you very much indeed for your talk to the Stewkley Local History Group on Wednesday night. I delayed writing this by a day because I knew I would see several of those in the audience at a village meeting last night. Without exception, everyone to whom I have spoken has been full of praise. Indeed, overall, I think that the feedback has been the best from any of the 30 or so SLHG meetings that I have attended!"



Talk at the Higgins Gallery and Museum Bedford


March 22nd, 2016


Another Powepoint presentation and display of finds from the recent excavations of our high status complex of Roman buildings at Bedford, given to The Friends of the Higgins at the Higgins Gallery and Museum Bedford. (See:

Having recently participated in the four day archaeological conference at Sapienza University in Rome (see 
7559), this talk was updated with the latest information obtained from the research papers delivered at the gathering of experts (see

archaeology/ rac-trac-archive/rac-trac-2016.html)

Specifically, concerning the latest understanding of the geography and demographics of late Roman Britain that provide compelling external factors as to why Beford may have been chosen by the Imperial authourities for an expanded regional administrative role.

Talk to the Colmworth & Neighbours History Society 

January 15th, 2016

Powerpoint presentation given to the Colmworth & Neighbours History Society as part of the Bedford Roman Villa Project's community engagement commitment to the public. (See:

We alsom mounted a display of various key finds, such as our 4th century window glass from Egypt,  chemically dated to 350 AD onwards.

There were also fragments of high-status Samian ware, along with original intact vessels so that the audience could better understand how the fragments related to the origin article and their overall appearance.

We also brought along roof tiles and other fabric from the building. This included dressed building stone and the subfloor tile from the cold plunge pool with the 4 year old's high-status sandal imprint, made some time between 250 and 300 AD.