The “Core” Project Team

Steven Cockings

Project co-ordinator:

fund-raising, liaison with landowner and local organisations. 

Roman historian and small finds specialist.


Vice chairman of the Bedfordshire Archaeological Council, Trustee of the Piddington Roman Museum, and executive committee member of the Upper Nene Archaeological Society.


Over the last 18 years he has been a Roman consultant for books, television, theatre & film, including various television documentaries produced by the BBC and commercial broadcasters, such as  Channel 4's “Time Team”.


Mike Luke MCIfA

Archaeological Director


Day-to-day archaeological responsibility for the archaeological excavation and recording.  Works as Senior Project Manager at  Albion Archaeology (based in Bedford), but is kindly undertaking this work in his own time.

Elizabeth Sayer

 Project administration and outreach, including volunteers.

Roman historian 


Secretary of the Bedfordshire Archaeological Council and executive committee member of the Bedford Architectural, Archaeological & Local History Society and Upper Nene Archaeological Society.


She has also appeared in various television documentaries on Roman Britain produced by the BBC and commercial broadcasters, including Channel 4's “Time Team”.